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Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, NJ

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  • +1 732-232-0645
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  • http://www.larrybllc.com/
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  • 450 Shrewsbury Plaza #324, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
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  • Monday8AM–8PM
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Larry B LLC Reviews

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    Nicholas Eakin


    Hi, I am a recent home buyer of a house where larry b hvac had installed a hvac system. Our inspector noted that vents were incorrectly positioned and there may had been damage to system while installing. Apon notification to our lawyer about issue, Larry b hvac sent us an unprofessional letter stating that hvac inspection should be left to professionals and that everything was fine with issues and we should not question it, so we had a professional come in and he told us that system was fine, however, vents were placed in the wrong position and there would be issue with heating and cooling areas, which was our issue to be begin with. I should think an hvac professional company should know this, because of the way they have responded to the inquiry, like they can do know wrong, is why I write this review. I will likely spend hundreds of dollars to fix issue when the company itself should have realized and taking care of apon new installation. I would never recommend this company to anyone as it seems they like to cut corners. People who think they know everything can never learn from there mistakes and I would not hire them for the littlest thing. I hope this helps someone out there, I know I sound bitter, I am, they have cost me more then enough trouble!

    Response from the owner

    It is important to know we are hired to install a unit and connect to EXISTING DUCTWORK and do not get paid to go past that purchase agreement..existing ducts in existing homes there 20Plus years ....i think if something were not right would not have been let go this long......

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