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    CroppMetcalfe Reviews

    2.8 stars based on 6 reviews

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      William Valentin


      I recommend that no one use this company.. 1. Install took over 12 hours. 2. Suspiciously, water started to collect on the floor in the space where the install was occurring, 3. Once the install was complete he told me the leak was worse and he could not locate the source. It took me all of 15 minutes to find the source, and btw, it was right above the space they were working. 4. While they were packing up I heard the installer tell the helper that they would not perform the required 30 minute test after install because it was late in the evening. 5. Installer used a half bath in my basement without asking, but what bothered me was that he dried his hand in my white towel leaving it all grimy and stained. 6. Finally, In their haste to leave, they failed to reset the breaker on the GFI outlet that powers my condensation pump. A few days later we got some warm weather and I ran my A/C, and to my surprise, water infiltrated my basement floor again, further damaging my laminate wood floor. it took them 1 month to send someone out to inspect the damage and It's now been another month and no one has called me back.

    • F

      Felipe Ocampo


      Insanely expensive. I was quoted $2650 to replace a 50 gallon electric water heater which I ended up doing myself for about $800(bought the top of the line water heater) and three hours of my time. I was also told that I would be charged $86.95 for the estimate and ended up being charged $105.95. The plumber that came by was really nice and knowledgeable, but their prices just seem astronomical.

    • R

      Rebecca Talbert


      I have been using Cropp for many years and have been satisfied overall with my experience, but the customer service I received this week was so excellent that I decided I should write a review. The technician that came to conduct my semi-annual maintenance checkup was James. I met him at the front door to explain that I had a sleeping baby and I was hoping she would not be awakened during his check up. Not only did James never raised his voice above a whisper, but he moved about as quietly as a mouse. He was thorough, efficient, thoughtful, and kind. Thank you, James, for your wonderful customer service!

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