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Mazgan Air Conditioning & Heating Repair Reviews

4.7 stars based on 242 reviews

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    Mitch Primack


    To begin with , expensive, time consuming, invasive and shoddy workmanship. My experience with Mazgan air-conditioning started on a very positive note. They sent one technician to my house who worked tirelessly in my backyard proofing the lines of my ductless system to make sure there was no leakage. It was going fairly well until he reached the evaporator in our TV room. I have never seen such a travesty of poor installation and lack of manpower resulting in a finished product that leaked water down my walls and spoiled my paint job. The unit was not more mounted next to the wall it was hanging off of an angle. When I called Mr. Mazgan to complain about the situation he started to get me involved in his personal life and telling me about how he had a wedding to go to and how he had social obligations and how responsive he was . He did knock off some money for the poor workmanship but ultimately I had to hire two gentleman from the Bronx who came in and reinstall the unit so it did not leak water down the wall. They charged me $250 dollars as opposed to the thousands I paid Mr Mazgan. In general I was extremely dissatisfied with Mazgan air conditioning and horrified with the way in which I was schmoozed by Mark Mazgan . He attempted to involve me as a customer and his personal problems instead of talking to me about the problems I had with his business and possibly sending more than one skinny overworked guy to do a job. He actually sent me a photo of his grandmother’s grave to show why he couldn’t attend to my problem. Photos follow and they will tell the story do not hire him if you can avoid him. If I called myself a craftsman (which I’ve been) I would never leave a job looking like this and functioning worse. Do not hire. Avoid like plague

  • K

    Karen Habib


    I don't enjoy writing bad reviews. But when a job is performed so poorly that I wish I'd hired somebody else, I feel obligated to warn others. Such is the case with Mazgan AC. I was initially quite impressed with Mark when he first came out to bid for the installation of my brand new central AC/heat system. Super nice guy and he sounded so knowledgeable! I felt I was in excellent hands when I entrusted him with installation of my brand new $17,000 HVAC system. Today I am giving him one star for the job, after having seen all the 'shortcuts' he took. I'm not talking about minor shortcuts, like using a nail instead of a screw. I'm talking about negligence that impacted the functioning of my HVAC system, and especially the air quality of my home. For example, when my general contractor's guys (accidentally?) sheetrocked over a large hole that Mark had cut in the attic to serve as the cold air intake vent, Mark did not cut a new hole, nor did he address the problem with my general contractor (who Mark's friend, mind you; Mark was the one who recommended my GC to me). Instead, HE JUST IGNORED THE PROBLEM AND PROCEEDED TO INSTALL THE HVAC SYSTEM WITH NO COLD AIR INTAKE!! Which means the air being cooled & heated was coming not from within my apt, but rather from the dusty attic -- spreading disgusting dirt & dust all over my apt, eww! Additionally, the guys who came out to fix the problem discovered several ducts that Mark had installed leading nowhere, connected to nothing ... meaning that the temperature control is not just in the livable spaces; I am paying to heat and cool my attic (at the expense of heat in the living room and bedrooms)!! Then there's the matter of the filter. The attached photos show the oversized AC filter that Mark's guys installed and duct-taped to my new unit. When I complained about it, Mark mansplained to me that the oversized filter was EVEN BETTER than a correctly-sized filter -- never mind that the duct tape came off, the filter came loose, and there was NOTHING filtering the air that was being pushed from my attic into my apartment. Finally, you should know that if there's a problem with your HVAC system between Thursday night and Sunday, you're on your own. Mark is religious, he does not work Fridays or Saturdays -- which I respect, he's entitled to his faith and his work schedule. But when you're in this line of work, when you own a heating & cooling company in the Northeast, there are going to be heating and cooling emergencies that are inconveniently timed. Mark will not even make alternate arrangements for repairs during the Sabbath, he will just ignore your complaint until Sunday. You're screwed if your HVAC breaks down during Shabbat. Which is of course what happened to me. My heat was down this morning, a cold Friday morning, just 2 months after Mark had completed the installation. He told me to call his office, and they told me the first availability was TUESDAY. That was 5 days away, and temperatures were hovering around 40 degrees. So I was forced to hire and pay for another HVAC company to make the repair to the thermostat, just 2 months after Mark had finished the install. So much for my warrantee! I can't in good conscience recommend that you hire Mazgan AC.

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    Roland Thomas


    I evaluated 3 HVAC companies to check and eventually replace a leaking compressor. I will not lie, the unit that Mazgan recommended was the most expensive, but I chose them over the others because Mark (owner) and the front office was the most responsive; the crew themselves were professional, on-time, thorough and diligent; and the unit itself had the longest warranty (including a 6 year replacement warranty). Mark stressed that integrity of the work was the most important thing - and I appreciated that candor. And just to show that I really did do my homework, two neighbors in my building also used Mazgan to replace their compressors and they also recommended them highly. (Now I'll convince myself that I can justify the higher cost by amortizing it over the next few years until we sell our condo for profit <grin>)

    Response from the owner

    Thank you for your review!

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