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    Presque Isle Electric & Gas Reviews

    2.7 stars based on 34 reviews

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    • T

      Tyler Marois


      Typically, I wouldn't leave a one star review. There are many redeeming qualities of a company that has issues, and typically a one star review isn't justified. In this case it is. In the midst of a windstorm, of which the PIE&G were aware of as they made mention of it on social media outlets, they failed to keep the lights and heat on in December. I understand natural disasters happen, and perhaps other areas need service before rural ones, but there are circumstances in which PIE&G really failed. When the power company restores power to all the homes on your road and leaves you in the dark and in the cold and takes you off their outage list and then closes for the evening in a blustery December evening they don't deserve any stars. This was HOURS after the governor made a statement saying that no one would be left without heat this winter. Their "updates" give no time frame in which repairs MAY be repaired, and for some reason my township keeps climbing to an alarming rate while other lesser affected areas seem to be taken care of. To make matters worse, when I called the had told me they completely left the county and then told me "well, I guess the forgot about you or something". Just wow. Thanks so much for making my next home buying decision easier. When and if I have the option, I will make certain to choose a better power provider. Over 24 hours without power in the winter is beyond unacceptable, especially when the neighbor across the road has their Christmas lights on and high pressure sodium bulbs to light their house up but I had to spend the night in a car.

    • D

      Duane Heck


      I asked PIEG if they could cut down a tree in the front yard of our cabin property that was close to the power lines. I would have cut it down myself except it could possibly hit the power lines if it fell wrong. The next time we went to our cottage the tree was cut down and neatly stacked in shorter pieces off to the side. I couldn't have asked for a better result. A big thank you to the tree cutting crew.

    • R

      Ron Andersen


      I see corporate has a new building. It seems like every month, the power keeps going out. Maybe they could upgrade the system more, so we have less outages. Here we go again. No power again. With all the tree trimming, again no power on 4/14/22

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