Hany Mechanical Services Inc
Butcher, Ellington, CT

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  • +1 860-872-6541
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  • http://www.completeclimate.com/
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  • 44 Lower Butcher Rd, Ellington, CT 06029
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Hany Mechanical Services Inc Reviews

3 stars based on 2 reviews

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    Cheryl Gerstenlauer


    After a power outage on Friday night we discovered we had no hot water on Saturday morning. We placed 3 emergency type phone calls over the weekend to Hany Mechanical, the company that installed the on demand hot water heater to no avail! No return call until Monday morning at 10 a.m.when we were told there are no emergency services on a weekend, AND that he had a busy morning!!! REALLY????? At the least, the voice mail should have stated that there were no emergency services on the weekend! We try to support local area businesses, but I have to say we are very disappointed with the customer service, and will not be doing business with them in the future. Thanks to family and friends for the support and assistance with the daily activities requiring hot water!!!!

  • M

    Monkey House


    I have had to issues with our AC system in the past. The folks at Hany came out quickly and helped get me up and running within hours. The price was right and I plan on using them for future projects as needed. I can tell you they do a lot of triage around the area...especially in the hot summer months. They do what they can to get you going until all the parts come in. You can't ask for more. Price, Service, Quality. They got it all.

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