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  • 5420 1/2 Alpine Dr, Cross Lanes, WV 25313
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E.J. Thompson & Son LLC Reviews

4.5 stars based on 86 reviews

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    Wayne Pugh


    They installed a high efficiency gas furnace and AC unit. The system included an electronic/wifi thermostat and variable speed fan. Comfort level is very high. System is quiet and easily controlled. In the past 30 years EJ Thompson has installed systems in two of my homes. Their work and service in both cases was excellent.

    Response from the owner

    So glad we could work with you again.

  • D



    I can't say enough about this company and the owner. Initially I had a gas leak and the gas company had to shut off our gas. The nigh temperatures were in the teens. The owner scheduled the servicemen to come out the very next day and they were able to repair the leak the same day. The gas company came that evening to turn our gas back on. Additionally, there was a major blockage blockage in our pipes under the crawl space. E.J. Thompson again was able to unclog our drains and we are now in great shape. Wonderful experience and very friendly, caring, professional employees!

    Response from the owner

    I am really glad we could help you out

  • S

    Steve Harmon


    I was charged $132 plumber shows up tells me there’s no issues with my lines and I didn’t owe him anything . A week later I get a bill in the mail for a $132 for parts/labor/service call . So on Monday I call and point this out and was told it’s $132 if he didn’t do any work or not . This wasn’t an emergency call and it took about a week for them to even show up but I wasn’t rushing them . They did work previously for me and I was billed the same amount but decided to use them again because of honesty but wasn’t expecting a bill especially when no work was done and the man was under my house for less then 5 mins . About 2 years ago I called another plumbing company who did the same thing and found no issues and never billed me but this one did I’m just posting this review as a warning to any customer who uses them to make sure not to use this company unless you know that work needs to be done unless you like paying company’s for work that doesn’t need to be done . The lady on the phone was also a bit snappy with me and instead of working things out with me she just plainly tells me I’m stuck paying it and there’s nothing they were doing about it so in the future I’ll use someone else . BUYER BEWARE ** plumber told me on the phone that everything looked good and I didn’t owe them anything but you’ll still get billed . The first time I used them the plumber checked with me and told me a $150 quote even before he started the work so it seems fishy to me now I’m being billed for work that wasn’t even done

    Response from the owner

    I aplogize for the confusion over this bill. If my plumber told you that there was no charge I am not sure why he would have done this, he certainly shouldnt have. I have a $36,000 van filled with $12,000 worth of tools and materials,, being driven by a $45,000 a year plumber with full benefits and we are paying $4.00 a gallon for gas. So we dont normally send our trucks out to not be paid. We charge $99 to come out to your home and this includes the first half hour at your home. The gps showed he was at your house for 40 minutes so that is why we charged more than the $99. I will gladly settle for half of the amount we charge you. We were not trying to be deceiving or to take advantage of you, just to cover our cost so that we can remain in business. We pride ourselves in the quality work we do and I know it is frutsrating for you and for me when we cant find the issue you called about. I again apologize that this was not made clear to you. We normally let everyone know that is a minimum $99 charge for us to come out, so I am not sure what happened that you werent made aware of this. Sorry about this John

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