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Cashmere, WA

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  • +1 509-782-4390
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  • http://wenatchee-plumbing.com/
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  • Cashmere, WA 98815
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Dean Plumbing Reviews

4.4 stars based on 7 reviews

Featured Comments:

  • S

    Sue Waller


    DO NOT Use this plumber!! After years of trying to figure out why our drains were slow.......it was because this man installed the pipes from our new addition WRONG! Not enough slope, didn't bother to check the existing or wasn't smart enough - now years later - we are having to have his cornnections redone. Not to mention he put a plastic water pipe through the foundation with NO SLEEVE - so it could have worn through and burst. Too, he was asked to put toilet inlet pipes through the wall - NOT the floor - did what he pleased! put them through the floor and wouldn't put in wall. He does just does what he wants. I wish that we had discovered this years ago!!!! Not too happy with Douglas County Transportation Land Mngmnt either. They signed off "approved" so no recourse for us. Word to the wise - check them out before you even let them in your house!!!!!

  • J

    Jared Oropeza


    Has a 5 star doctor Saved Princess Peach from browsers castle and has a pet toad unclogging the pipes

  • J

    Jared Oropeza


    Great service came in 5 mins my boiler exploded and caused a fire outside it was small and the boiler was replaced in just an hour

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