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Comfort Experts, LLC Reviews

3.2 stars based on 98 reviews

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    Sabrina Blayde


    My home warranty sent them to my home. From the start, I kept telling them their was an issue with my upstairs unit. First visit it was an issue with the circuit breaker. Called them back again and they came. They said it was probably the vent which I changed. Called them again with the same issue and they claimed I needed a part. They installed the part, and called them the very next day with the same issue which was Thursday. They stated the soonest they could send someone was Monday (unacceptable) I have been very patient and accommodating on all the visits. I had my home warranty send someone else. They came and immediately identified the problem. I called Comfort Experts and explained the issue. I was very calm as calls are recorded. I explained how the new company said the unit is frozen. She insisted it wasn’t because her technician took photos. I explained I’m going to have the new company write up a report and when I asked her (the owner) if that occurred in a day she hung up! Called my home warranty to file a complaint. I’m going to continue to escalate the issue because instead of offering an apology she was rude. This has been going on over a month. UPDATE: Thank you for your response. I most certainly was hung up on mid-sentence. I have no issues sending you the ppwk of all the issues that were caught immediately after your work. The question I was asking mid-sentence before I was hung up on was “So the build up of all that ice happened in one day?) She was very rude. I encourage you to listen to the call as I believe they are recorded. No need to email. I am working with my home warranty on a complaint. I would like to include, a simple apology for the complete runaround could have alleviated a lot of this. Please let me know if you would like the report from the new contracting company as you have my number.

    Response from the owner

    Hello. We absolutely did not hang up on you and have called your number several times after the phone was disconnected to no answer. We are more than happy to speak with you about this and welcome your return phone call or email us @ [email protected]. Thanks. Chris.

  • D



    This was the worst customer service we have ever had to endure. I filed a formal complaint against Comfort Experts with the BBB & my insurance company to ensure that they will not be contracted to me for future services. Tiffany and Judy that work as the dispatch/reception were rude and unprofessional. I would call multiple times to schedule a single appointment, leave voicemails, and contact through Google Business Chat (GBC), and still never received a call back until the final days. Their voicemail would be full on many occasions. The person on GBC would tell me that someone will contact me later by phone and no one ever would. I still have screenshots of our conversations. In one instance, the person on GBC stated that the receptionist doesn't answer the phone between 3:00pm and 4:30pm because she's picking up children. I understand the situation but this company must understand that I have paid for their services and I expect to have those services rendered; this includes answering the phone during business hours. Comfort Experts closes at 5:00pm, so I called multiple times after 4:30pm to no avail. It took my wife over hour to get a hold of them when the technician (Chris) missed his 4-hour window appointment they had with us. 4-HOUR WINDOW. This was so surprising since they rescheduled the night before to a preferred time for them to show. Their tone of voice would shift from polite when answering the phone to irked and impolite when we would state our property address. My wife overheard one of their dispatch/reception employees making flippant comments about us to her co-worker when we stated our address. For the last 2 weeks, it has been an average of 90 degrees with high humidity in this area and I have family that are vulnerable to the heat right now. I was hoping that the negative reviews were one-offs but now I understand. After reading the review by Alexis Pineiro, I knew to call my insurance to authorize in-town parts purchase for a new compressor and fuses but they needed the technician report. When speaking with Judy after the first visit from the technician, she agreed to send up the report to the insurance by close of business the same day. She stated that she understood our situation and would bypass the 24-48hr report submission time. She didn't submit it. I wouldn't have minded if she hadn't lied and just been honest with me. Once report was sent, I had the insurance confirm that the part was ready for pick up the same day (Thursday) by calling the vendor and they called and confirmed it was. However, Judy said it won't be ready until Monday (Avg 90 degrees). After finally calling me back but I missed it, days after the second visit, my wife returned the call 20 mins later and they had closed our workorder before all the repairs were completed because no answer. I would have gone with someone else in the area after reading the Google reviews but it was too late because this is the company that my insurance had contracted to me. I placed my confidence in Comfort Experts but it seems that they are under staffed, unprofessional, and ill-trained to handle such a contract with the insurance companies. I cannot recommend this company. REPLY to OWNER: I appreciate the apology, but I have chosen to keep my rating the same because my review highlights weaknesses in your company's customer service. You have multiple reviews here with complaints about your receptionists. They lied to me, insulted my wife, and closed my work order before the work was complete, which delayed the installation of my thermostat. You continue to imply that my thermostat was the reason for delay but it was ordered and delivered within 24-48 hours. If you had left us without AC, I was prepared to take legal action against you and the insurance company if anything were to happen to my family due to the heat. This type of heat should not be taken lightly. My intention is not to bad mouth your company but relay my experience with your business. My review is merely a reflection of your customer service.

    Response from the owner

    You’re right my response was not very professional, at the first reaction of someone trying to hurt my business which also affects my family my first reaction is to fire back. I realize our company is by no means perfect but we do the best we can. If you feel you’ve been wronged by our company then I apologize. I actually did go out of my way to make sure your pregnant wife was never without air the entire time you were waiting for the thermostat repair, we could have left it running in heat until parts were supplied but we didn’t. I don’t know what you want from me other than trying to destroy the business I feed my family with.

  • N

    Nick Hirth


    Had to use my home warranty to fix my AC and was provided this company for the service call. Both gentlemen were great and had my AC up and working in 15 minutes after they figured out the issue. I would definitely use them again.

    Response from the owner

    Thanks for your review!!

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