Comfort Connection Inc
223rd, Flushing, NY

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  • +1 718-225-2551
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  • 5735 223rd St, Flushing, NY 11364
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Comfort Connection Inc Reviews

4 stars based on 4 reviews

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    Sara Ciuzio


    Prompt, reliable and not overpriced. Whenever a company doesn't have a website, I typically am hesitant as to why. Comfort Connection is the exception to the rule. The owner, Greg, has known my family for several decades, his business is excellent as well as who he is as a person. He has been our routine HVAC person for over 10 years and when we contacted him about the AC not working in the heat of the summer, he came that day to quote us on a new AC/Furnace. He came in less than the other companies that we were considering so he got the job and installed the unit promptly. He worked with our schedule to make it easy on us.

  • C

    C Smith


    These guys are the BEST! Fast, professional, quality tradesman! Saved me in a difficult time with an old gas furnace. I WILL call them again when I buy my new one so they can put it in. I could not have made a better call than calling Comfort Connection!

  • g

    googe C


    How reliable is this information that you peddle as a schill. people neglect to see the benefits in learning introductory stats. anyway here is my experience. No present website and upon google mapping the company's address, I am directed towards a residential area. Independent tech. most likely. If it was up to me, i would have never called this person based on the facts that there were no credible sources. However, other individuals are "old school" and work on a system of trust. unfortunately, in this particular matter it was not the case. anyway THE JOB WAS DONE. However, I was always skeptical of the technician's level of professionalism and execution of business ethics. It was a learning experience nonetheless, even though I was well aware of the outcome from our phone conversations and visits. Long story short, the invoice for a circuit board fuse, a sensor, technical fee (which the "tech" spent two hours "trying" to figure out what the problems was after all the "tech" years of experience acquired), and a 20 minute vacuum job was close to $400. Ultimately, I thank you, because you taught me how to replace certain parts and familiarized me with the function of certain parts. Worse come to worse, if I can't figure it out, I'm sure there are other honest HVAC techs out there. again the job was done especially taking advantage of someone of the elderly and not exercising due professional care and integrity as a service/maintenance specialist. people need to realize, business needs to be conducted in an appropriate professional and honest manner. making a profit is obviously acceptable but ridiculous markups and inflated service prices, shameful business practice. before the age of information being so easily accessible I could understand your "hustle", I would just be more aware of how much information is available to the public.

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