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    Rory McKenzie


    This company was given our business by our home warranty. Initially, everything was fine. They even came out on a Sunday to do a call. The technician, who later told me he was the owner, gave us the rundown of what happened and everything seemed fine. Unfortunately, our claim was denied by the home warranty. However, after discussing it with our home warranty, it was authorized. The company's business/office manager called me soon after this authorization. He offered me a "discount" to do AC maintenance on our system for about $375 in addition to repairing a blower. (The initial quote, after the claim was denied was $450, from this company.) I asked him to let me think about it but wanted to schedule our blower repair. He said he would call me back after talking to the technician. I never got a callback. I called them five times the next morning (spread throughout) and never got a call. So, I called my home warranty company, because it felt like my calls were being ignored. They made contact with the company and said that they were waiting on a part to come in and then would call to set this appointment up. That seemed odd to me (why couldn't they just answer or return my call?). After I got off with the home warranty company, I decided to call one more time. This time, the owner/technician answered. He was clearly frustrated that I had called the warranty company and said he was waiting on them to approve something. All I wanted was to get an estimate on when the part would be in so the AC could be repaired. He continued to gaslight me and belittle my concerns about communication; this is when he identified himself as the owner. Confusion continued, and he eventually said he was refusing the work. I don't profess to know everything (or anything) about AC systems. So much of this may have been legitimate, but I felt confused and felt like there was some shadiness going on. They seemed all too happy to fix my AC when they thought they could upsell me on an additional service. When we cooled to that offer is when the service declined. It felt manipulative. The owner had every opportunity to explain the situation, if there was an explanation and chose not to. He now is refusing to do the work, which means a new claim process has to be initiated and it's putting me out of additional service call money. This seems unprofessional at best and manipulative at worst.

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